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Appliance Diode

New IMPROVED Formula for The Ultimate Protection from Harmful EMF's. Now protects with 52 Frequencies!

The high powered SUPER Digital Appliance Diode offers a broader range of protection in the higher frequenices which are present in today's modern digital equipment. The powerful SUPER Digital Appliance Diode is designed to neutralize the harmful EMF radiation emitted by appliances, televisions, microwaves, computers, etc.

Primary Uses for the SUPER Digital Appliance Diode:

The highly concentrated SUPER Diode formula has been applied to the back of the 1 inch adhesive circle to provide maximum effective protection from electromagnetic radiation.

  • Wear for personal use to protect yourself from Digital frequencies. Wear on the left side or center of your body. When wearing the Appliance Diode do not remove paper liner, wear with Diode formula facing the body. Best to place the Appliance Diode in a pouch.
  • To place on an appliance remove the paper liner to expose the adhesive and attach to a clean dry flat surface as close to the power source as possible. Once applied, the Diode will be difficult to remove.

Attach your Appliance Diode to:

  • Blackberry , Smart cell phones (use adhesive backing to place anywhere on a dry clean convenient place on the phone)
  • Computer towers and monitors
  • Laptops
  • Electronic game stations
  • Microwaves
  • DVR's and portable DVD players
  • MP3 players
  • Televisions

Other Uses for the SUPER Digital Appliance Diode:

  • Refrigerators and other large electrical appliances
  • Men's watches
  • X-Ray machines


Price: $34.95
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