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Appliance Timer

Turns Any Appliance Into a Zero EMF Appliance.

Refrigerators produce a strong magnetic field and can be difficult to shield. If moving the fridge out to the garage, or moving your bed away from the back of the unit is not an option, this simple timer will easily do the trick. Simply plug the appliance into the timer and plug the timer into the wall outlet. Set the timer so that the appliance will be “off” during periods when sensitive people will be near the unit. Heavy duty so it can be used with sump pumps, air conditioners, washers, dryers, fans, water heaters, pool filters, fish tanks and just about any device which can be shut off for periods during the day.

Permits up to 14 on/off cycles per day. Can even be set differently for weekday vs. weekend. Saves energy too! Even has battery back-up so you won’t lose your settings during a black-out. Don’t be fooled: there are less expensive timers out there. Timers with a dial face produce high fields of their own! In our tests, this unit produced an un-measurable field of its own, so when the appliance is in the “off’ mode, the field is very close to zero.

Uses 3-prong grounded outlet. Handles up to 15 amps (1875 watts) at 120 volts, or 500 watts of lighting.

Price: $39.95
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