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Electrosmog Detector

Hear What You Have Been Exposed To...

A new, inexpensive hand-held device available to the consumer which can detect the pulsing emissions from wireless communications technologies (mobile phones, masts, DECT digital cordless phones, w/LAN’s, Wi-Fi, etc.) which are considered by scientists to be the cause of health effects among a significant minority of the population.

The Electrosmog Detector enables you to judge the relative levels of such pollution by listening to both the volume and quality of the sound. GSM, 3G, wLANS, DECT digital cordless phones etc all sound different and after a little practice are easy to identify.

The Electrosmog Detector enables you to ‘hear’ the electrosmog that exists all around you. The level and quality of the sound emitted is directly related to the type and intensity of man-made microwave radiation.

It is not an alarm, nor is it a warning device. It is an educational tool providing an awareness of your personal environment. Curved design fits comfortably in the hand and requires no technical knowledge to operate. The Electrosmog Detector is the first true consumer product in this category. In a world where fast-growing wireless technology is ever-present, the Electrosmog Detector allows you to hear the digital pulsing of microwave frequency signals. Detect the electrosmog ‘hotspots’ in your environment and protect your family anywhere that you spend time - at home, in offices, schools, libraries, hotels, restaurants and when travelling.

Has a built-in speaker, 2.5 mm mono headset jack for private operation (headset not included) and 2 year warranty. Uses 9V battery (included). Patented. 2 yr mfr wty.

Price: $89.95
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