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Going Blue

Welcome to Bluefriendly.com. We want to help Clear the Air from Electromagnetic Pollution! We are not a radical group that wants to ban the use of cell phones. In fact, we have gotten pretty attached to our cell phones, ipods and wireless bluetooth devices in our daily busy lives.
We just want to keep our environment safe. Lately there has been too much Electricity in the Air...

What if we could see high levels of EMF in the air? We can see smog in the air, but there are many carcinogens that we can't see. There are also forms of water pollution we can't see. Sometimes the worst dangers are the ones we can't see...

We want people to be aware of the latest information and studies regarding the possible harmful effects to biological tissue from high levels of exposure to EMF. There have been studies on the increase of cancer near close proximity to Power lines. There are also studies on people that have a Hypersensitivity to EMF.

We might also get some helpful information from nature; Currently dogs can be trained to detect Ovarian Cancer. Certain animals and insects have senses that we can learn from. Today the Bees are leaving and one of the possible reasons is the increase of EMF created by Power lines and Cell Phone Towers...

This is why we want you to join us in Going Blue! Because Blue Air is Clean Air and Clean Air is free of Electromagnetic Pollution. We want to share information on this subject and sell products we think will help limit and shield your exposure to EMF. We want you to be aware of the electricity in the air! That's why we sell EMF Meters. We also want you to save energy - for the environment, and your pocket book. That's why we sell energy saving smart products.

At Bluefriendly we want you to be informed, and then make your own decisions. We also want to hear from you! That's why we created a blog for people to share their ideas and information in our What's the Latest Buzz? section.

We hope you enjoy our web site and join us in being Bluefriendly!