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Headset Wire Shield

If you must use a phone while driving, the use of a hands free headset in an automobile is a great idea and required in many places by law. If you are not using your cellular or cordless phone protected with AegisGuard™ LS or XP Radiation Shields, it is also sensible to increase the distance between you and the phone by using a headset. But as Aegis first reported in 1998, if you think using a wired or wireless headset is safer than holding a phone against your ear, think again.

AegisGuard™ Headset Radiation Shields for wired headsets (headset not included) consist of two individual components; a patented Wire Shield that fits all cell and cordless phone headset wires, and a patented Earpiece Shield that fits all EarBud, EarGel and In-The-Ear style headset earpieces (use AegisGuard™ LS Radiation Shields for earpieces with a diameter larger than (3/16 in. (20.5 mm). They do not contain Nickel or MDF and each component is easily installed without tools. AegisGuard™ Headset Wire Shields provide far greater protection than ferrites and should not be confused them.

AegisGuard™ Headset Wire Shields prevent up to 98% of a cell phone's radiation from being transferred through a headset wire and when used with an Earpiece Shield, up to 99.9% of the radiation emitted from the earpiece is deflected away from the ear.

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