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CheckTap Powerstrip

CheckTap will stop you from wasting electricity on your PC and peripherals. It could save you up to 50% on your electricity bill and help the environment.

Now a new invention called CheckTap will automatically cut off idle equipment without you having to turn your device off or unplug it, cutting the amount of electricity you use drastically. This is an even better alternative then standby as standby still draws some power.

All you do is install their software on your PC and then plug your PC and peripherals into the CheckTap and away you go.

The software and CheckTap then detect when your drawing energy to your PC or one of its peripherals that youíre not using and shuts it down.

The software youíve installed will let you know how much energy itís saved you and shows the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions. It will also allow you to tweak the settings to your own requirements.

The makers also claim a pay-back period of 6 months, after that any money it saves you is money in your pocket.

Price: $59.95
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