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The Finest Electrosmog Meter on the Market!

The ZC 185 is a quality instrument that detects and displays RF (Radio Frequency) signal levels with uniquely high sensitivity, similar to a broadband receiver. It provides Linear and Logarithmic measurements of RF signals over a broad span of frequencies. The ZC 185 allows the user to detect and measure signal strength and to distinguish between analog and digital transmissions.

Simultaneous detection of RF transmitted signals over a wide spectrum of frequencies spanning from 3 MHz to over 5 GHz, including cellular phones and wireless phones, FM, TV and short wave broadcasts, computer wireless devices, wireless security systems, microwave ovens, ham radio, police and service bands, and transmitting surveillance and spying devices such as hidden cameras, transmitting bugs and covert video or data transmissions.

Very high sensitivity with the ability to detect signals from wireless devices, cellular phones and covert “bugs” at more than 50+ feet, transmissions from “sealed” microwave ovens at 40+ feet, from walkie-talkies at 100+ feet, and from amateur radio transceivers at hundreds of feet.

Detection and differentiation between analog RF signals and digital transmissions. Enhances the detection of cell phones, wireless phones and computer wireless signals.

Wide dynamic range display in the LOG (logarithmic) mode covering a 1000 to 1 input signal range, as well as a highly sensitive LINEAR mode where only the weak signals are examined. A MID mode is used for detection and measurement of intermediately strong RF signals.

Input signal strengths in the LOG mode, MID mode, and LINEAR mode are adjustable by using a sensitivity controller. 6) RF field strengths displayed on both an analog meter and colored Light-Emitting Diode (LED) displays. The LED display produces better readability from a distance and in dim light such as nighttime.

A silent vibrator mode allowing the instrument to be used to detect radiated RF signals (as from a hidden camera or body “bugs”) without being observed. The silent vibrator mode is independently switched ON or OFF.

Fixed internal antennas which do not require any adjustments and give repeatable signal

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